41st Incontro di grammatica generativa
Author(s) Title (abstract) Poster
Nikos Angelopoulos and Dimitris Michelioudakis (UCLA, York) PP licensing and Compounding: Evidence for Prepositions as Probes
Leah S. Bauke (Bielefeld/ Wuppertal) How to interpret roots and larger pieces of structure - a phase-theoretic perspective  
Giulia Bellucci (Firenze) The Romance Causee as an oblique subject
Nicoletta Biondo (Trento) How the movement of temporal adverbs can affect tense processing
Adina Camelia Bleotu (Venezia) A Spanning Account of Denominals in English and Romanian
Martina Caccia (IUSS Pavia) Comparing different aspects of morphosyntactic abilities in a group of children with developmental dyslexia
Ana Calindro (São Paulo, Cambridge) Ditransitive sentences in Brazilian Portuguese: from a VP shell to a pP shell
Janayna Carvalho (Stüttgart) A recipe on how to save a derivation: The Locative Impersonal in Brazilian Portugues
Marta Castella (Utrecht) Bare Predicates and Extrinsic Properties  
Jaehoon Choi (Ghent) Jussive particles in Korean and the pragmatics-syntax interface  
Pamela Franciotti (Siena) The acquisition of passive in L2 Italian: evidence from comprehension and production
Jovana Gajić (Göttingen) Serbo-Croatian n-words and their scope
Simone Gastaldon, Chiara Zanini, Giorgio Arcara, Francesca Peressotti and Francesca Franzon (Padova) Referential Numerosity and Morphosyntactic Number Agreement: A Psycholinguistic Study on Italian qualche/alcuni
Pavel Grashchenkov and Ekaterina Lyutikova (Moscow) Featural Composition of Voice
Matteo Paolo Greco and Andrea Moro (IUSS Pavia) Surprise Negation and Ethical Dative
Georg Höhn, Giuseppina Silvestri and Maria Olimpia Squillaci (Cambridge) Unagreement between Italian and Southern Italian dialects
Shenai Hu1, Carlo Cecchetto and Maria Teresa Guasti (Verona1, Milano Bicocca) Production of head-final relative clauses: new data from Wenzhounese
Yuhi Inoue (UCLA) Genitive Objects in Kansai Japanese
Dara Jokilehto (Geneva) Roman Reduplication
Dalina Kallulli (Vienna) From QPs to non-novel indefinites to person agreement to topic agreement
Frances Kane, Raffaella Folli and Christina Sevdali (Ulster) Irish genitive possessors- The 'pseudo-construct state'
Maria-Margarita Makri (York) What 'not' might mean: Expletive Negation in attitude contexts
Margherita Pallottino (Geneva) Habitual sentences and Direct Objects in Italian
Francesca Panzeri and Francesca Foppolo (Milano Bicocca) Not only task matters, position also
Aurélia Robert-Tissot (Zurich) Topic drop in French text messages
Farhad Sadri Mirdamadi, Julie Franck and Ur Shlonsky (Geneva) The Persian Object Marker –ra and its effect on wh-object fronting
Alessia Serafini, Francesca Franzon, Giorgio Arcara, Davide Bertocci and Chiara Zanini (Padova) Wouldn't you agree with a bunch of lemons? A self-paced reading test on Agreement in quantification expressions
Michelle Sheehan and Sonia Cyrino (Cambridge, Campinas) Variation and change in the Romance faire-infinitif  
Marcelo Amorim Sibaldo (Pernambuco) The structure of an exclamative construction in Brazilian Portuguese
Petra Sleeman and Tabea Ihsane (Amsterdam, Geneva) Gender mismatches in partitive constructions, phases and locality
Sandra Villata, Luigi Rizzi and Julie Franck (Geneva) Intervention effects in wh-islands and non-islands: Experimental evidence
Roberto Zamparelli and Michelangelo Falco (Trento) Licensing ellipsis in DP: the role of NP raising