First level advanced course [C1]


  • Use the language in spoken and written forms in a natural way
  • Have command of a broad lexical repertory related to different areas
  • Understand specialized texts including newspapers and periodicals
  • Choose the most suitable language functions in order to suitable to speak and hold a conversation
  • Express their point of view using the language in an appropriate and effective manner
  • Write clear and well-structured texts on complex subjects.


Access to the advanced course at the first level is permitted to those who:

  • Have attended an intermediate level II (B2), passing the final exam or equivalent test
  • Have been assigned to the advanced course I level (C1), based on the results of their entry test
  • Are in possession of the CELI 3 or equivalent certificate of Italian issued by another institution homologous to the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

Weekly teaching hours

The course is divided into three basic language subjects and three complementary courses.

Insegnamenti linguistici di base C1 hours
Italian Language 9
Speaking and Writing Practice 6
Practice of Phonetics of Italian Language 3
Complementary Courses (*) 6/9
Total classroom hours per week 24/27