Italian l2 / fl teacher training and refresher courses

6-17 July 2020

Italian to narrate and to narrate oneself

Course Director: Daria Coppola

Immagine di aula durante una lezione

The course includes a broad-based training, in order to take into account the professional needs of Italian L2 / FL teachers, in Italy and abroad, and to be offered at the same time to all interested parties (trainers, head teachers, scholars, students, teachers) the possibility to deepen specific methodological-didactic and linguistic-cultural aspects.

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Course program

The lessons include both seminars and workshops, and aim to solicit ideas and reflections on the topics addressed and allow practical applications of the methodologies presented.

Credits are to be awarded at the end of the course. The course consists of 2 weeks of lessons, 30 hours each week, and includes a final assessment. This test will be mandatory only for those who are interested in obtaining, in addition to the certificate of participation, also the educational credits provided (6 ECTS for the entire course, 3 ECTS for each week).

The course is proposed twice a year, in the months of January and July, to meet the needs of both teachers of Italian schools of all levels and teachers who teach abroad.

Those interested can register for one or both weeks of the course or even individual days.

While maintaining its intrinsic unity, the course is divided into 3 Modules:


Methodological module

Coordinator: Daria Coppola

The activities focus on new frontiers of language teaching and good teaching practices, taking into account the results of different disciplines, from psycholinguistics to sociolinguistics, from neuroscience to information and communication theory.

Linguistic module

Coordinator: Lidia Costamagna

The activities focus on the Italian language in its various aspects and levels (phonetic and phonological, morphological, syntactic, lexical and semantic, pragmatic, textual), with in-depth studies on topical issues and subjects of greater interests.

Cultural module

Coordinator: Giovanni Capecchi

The activities focus on significant aspects of today's cultural context in Italy, with literary, historical-social, political and artistic insights.


To register for the course fill in the online form

Registration can be weekly or daily if you intend to investigate a specific topic. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance indicating the topic followed and the hours attended.

Passing a final test entitles students to credits, 6 ECTS for the entire course, 3 ECTS for each week.

Registration procedure

Registration takes place by completing the registration form and paying the relative fee within June 22, 2020.


There is an important news this year for those who will enroll in the course by June 22, 2020 without having applied for the scholarship: the University has decided to inaugurate the formula "in presenza virtuale" with a substantial reduction in enrollment costs.

  • 2 weeks course: 200 Euro (instead of 500 Euro)
  • 1 week course: 100 Euro (instead of 250 Euro)
  • Single day: 30 Euro (instead of 70 Euro)

Payment can be made via:

  • Bank transfer

    Branch: Agenzia Perugia University, Via Fabbretti Agency, 97 – 06123 Perugia
    Account holder: Università per Stranieri di Perugia
    IBAN code: IT 31 H 02008 03043 000029465268
    Swift BIC code: UNCRITM1J11
    Reason for Payment: “Iscrizione al Corso di aggiornamento per insegnanti di lingua italiana L2/LS (luglio 2020)”