Insurance coverage for accidents

The University for Foreigners of Perugia guarantees insurance coverage for its students through the Cumulative Accident Insurance no. 167/77/51520046, stipulated with the insurance company Unipol which provides:

  • compensation in the event of an accident, resulting in permanent disability, for the insured sum of € 100,000.00 with an expected deductible of 3%;
  • compensation in the event of an accident, which is followed by the event of death, for the insured sum of € 100,000.00;
  • reimbursement of medical treatment expenses incurred for each event up to the amount of € 7,000.00 with a deductible of € 50.00.

The above insurance coverage provides for further guarantees which can be verified through the policy documentation available below.

Cumulative accident policy

All guarantees are of interest to students also in the periods of internships, internships and international mobility.